Keep your bike riding smoothly. Our bike techs can fix, fine-tune or overhaul your bike. We can service all makes and models: high-performance road bikes, all-mountain bikes, trusty commuters and kids bikes too.

Tune-up packages range from basic to premium, or you can choose individual bike services and repairs. Not sure if your bike needs work? Bring it in for an inspection. We’ll look it over, and if it needs service, we will help you decide on the best package based on the condition of your bike.

BONUS! If you bought your bike at Adventure365, you can bring it in for UNLIMITED TUNE-UPS! During its first year, often a new bike may require minor adjustments. Any adjustments and/or tune-ups for up to ONE (1) year after your purchase is FREE!

This maintenance includes: 

Tightening of cables, bearing adjustments, minor wheel truing, and general check-ups. It covers normal use and riding conditions.

Bike Fitting

We are one of 3 locations in Canada to offer the amazing Radlabor Bike Fitting System.  Sitting position analysis, ergonomic advice, bicycle biomechanics – bike fitting is the new trend in cycle sales and services. Innovative and intuitive fitting systems are the result of experience gained from 20,000 tests 

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