Sense of Adventure!

Carl Jung (Founder of the School of Analytical Psychology) once said “If no outer adventure happens to you, then no inner adventure happens to you either. ”
It’s no secret that adventure is kind of a big deal around here. Not just the pursuit of it, but the spirit of it. We live for that steady climb towards that undiscovered physical, mental or spiritual goal. The destination is very important but the true gift is in the experience of the journey.

Nothing will enrich your life more than adventure. At the end of the day you will relax better knowing that you made it through the gauntlet, the mythical forest, the dark seas or the really bumpy bike path in the South End of Sudbury.

Adventure 365 wants you to create an adventure in everyday of your life. Use the hashtag #everydayisanadventure on your Instagram account and you will be featured on our website. Let’s all share our adventures with each other.

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